4 Tips for Procuring Software for Small Businesses

Every modern business needs access to the right software if they are to flourish. Software is now responsible for more of a business’s management than ever before. Below are 4 tips for procuring the right software for your business every time.

Work Out Your Budget

The most important factor in determining what software options you are able to consider will be your available budget. The less money you have available, the more restricted you will be in the possible choices you are able to consider. Before you do anything else, you should establish exactly what your budget is.

When it comes to procuring business software, you will often find that there are available options at multiple different price points. This means that you can spend as much or as little as you want, although sometimes your specific needs will require you to pick more expensive software than you otherwise would. Remember that many pieces of software have both an initial cost of purchase, and then ongoing maintenance and support costs. Lots of enterprise software is also sold on a subscription basis, meaning that the costs are recurring.

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Identify the Most Important Features for Your Needs

Once you have worked out what your available budget is, the next thing that you need to establish is exactly what you will need from your software. Your list of required features will further reduce the range of viable options open to you, but there is no use investing money and software that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Work with everyone who is going to be involved in using the new software to establish exactly what it is that they need it to do. Installing the wrong software and then having to undo your mistake can be costly in terms of those times and money, so make sure you know what you are looking for beforehand.

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Consider Going Open Source

Open Source software is free to use and can be modified as much as you like. If you have people on staff with the necessary skills to refine and modify a piece of software so that it is unique to your business, going open source can be a savvy move to make.

Of course, most businesses will not have access to the skills needed, and so will only be able to modify open-source software to a limited degree. However, open-source software can still provide you with cheap or free access to the tools that you need.

Check Online Reviews

Once you have a good idea of exactly what kind of software you are looking for, you can then begin looking in more detail at your potential shortlist options. Online reviews will be a healthy source of information here and will alert you to any unforeseen issues with your chosen software. Online reviews will also provide you with more detail about the features present in the software you are considering. For example, PieSync has some great articles comparing platforms such as freshbooks vs quickbooks and various other types of software. They are a fantastic resource whenever you are looking for new enterprise software. Reading these articles will help you to make the right choice for your business. 

Once you have a solid procurement strategy, it becomes easy to identify and acquire new software with minimal fuss. Make sure that you do the necessary legwork beforehand so that you know exactly what you are looking for.

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