Whatsapp Blocks 2 Million Malicious Accounts Per Month

WhatsApp continues its fight to stop the creation of harmful accounts and the spread of false news, especially in India.The affiliate of Facebook told Venture Beat in an interview this week that it is closing – on average – two million malicious accounts a month and said it has a machine learning system that detects and eliminates users who are involved in bad practices such as forwarding. of chain messages or the creation of multiple accounts to spread “questionable content”.

WhatsApp said its artificial intelligence system blocks 20 percent of all malicious accounts from the moment they are created, according to Venture Beat quotes. The system uses information such as the IP address, the country of origin of the telephone number and how many messages that telephone line sent since it was created. WhatsApp said that 1.5 million deleted accounts are eliminated without human interaction.

The company also said that the people who create these accounts have also been improving their practices. WhatsApp told VB that it has detected devices capable of supporting the use of multiple SIM cards and the use of software that allows the use of different WhatsApp accounts at the same time.

The combat of WhatsApp to these accounts and the use of the platform to spread information has raised criticisms against the service. WhatsApp, already considered the most widely used messaging service in the world, has been singled out by governments for allowing fake news that has triggered violent acts and alleged attacks to be easily sent .