Get Insane Results Using These 5 Facebook Messenger Bot Tactics

If you ever contacted a company that gets you through a call center representative, you definitely know that the process is very slow and frustrating. However, thanks to the latest technology that we have nowadays, communicating with clients became a lot easier because of chatbots.

Chatbots are more than just a tool for communication. It is important to know the raw and unbridled power of Messenger chatbots. To maximize its full potential, check out these 6 points to consider when doing messenger marketing.

Chatblasting enables you to achieve 80% open rates

One of the advantages that you can get in the world of Facebook is the capability of getting 80% open rates. It may sound far-fetched but it is actually possible through the use of chatbots. If you compare the average email marketing open rate, you will only get about 5-10% a day.

MobileMonkey, a chatbot builder, has a very exciting feature called “chat blaster”. It has the capability of getting higher open rate compared to emails. With chat blaster, you are able to send a message to all your contacts or a specific group. Having huge number of page followers does not mean that the levels of engagement is also high. However, through the help of chat blast, you can generate huge number of sessions.

Generally, chat blast helps keep your contacts active, improve your engagement rates and drive more conversions.

Messenger Drip Campaigns instead of Email Drip Campaigns

Messenger marketing allows you to have a successful drip campaign without the use of email. In a matter of minutes, you can skyrocket your entire campaign unlike the case of emails which takes days to gain a considerable amount of engagement rates.

To make everything look simple, you can use a drip campaign with a simple welcome message as well as a CTA that lets your user to check your blog.

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RSS Blasting on Facebook Messenger

RSS has been with us for nearly 20 years. Though considered an old technology, you can supercharge it through RSS blasting powered by a Messenger bot.

First, you need to add your feed in the chatbot builder then select your preferred audience. After configuring some options, flip the switch and you’re ready to go. RSS blaster helps in segmenting audiences as well as rendering specific topic to a group of users.

A Messenger Widget on Your Website To Bring Loads of New Contacts

MobileMonkey has the Messenger Widget located at the lower right-hand corner. Once a user is logged in on Facebook on their browser, the widget easily recognizes them and offers to send a message when you are on their website.

You can simply add a Facebook messenger chat to your website using WP-Chatbot!

Turn Post Commenters Into Red-Hot Leads

It works this way: when you create a Facebook post, you can add a comment guard through the use of MobileMonkey. Now, people who will comment on your post will be automatically invited to join your contact list on Messenger. Just like that and you can have more Messenger contacts.

With the right chatbot builder, you can create a Messenger chatbot without using any coding. What’s good about MobileMonkey is that, it’s free of charge, though you can acquire more features if you pay some bucks, you will definitely love the results especially the higher engagement rates.

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