5 Best Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Cable TV

We have seen major improvements and developments when it comes to entertainment. In today’s world, there are other sources of entertainment apart from television to watch our favorite shows and movies. Unlike in the past, today we can watch anything regardless of the place and device. Whether it be a smartphone, laptop, or smart TV, you can watch everything provided a fast and reliable internet connection. For best internet plans, visit: https://www.localcabledeals.com/Spectrum/Internet.

Unlike cable TV, the cost of streaming services is relatively low. The majority of people are switching from cable TV to streaming providers to watch everything from anywhere. If you are thinking of switching to streaming services, don’t skip any part. You will find plenty of alternatives worth considering for your entertainment needs. Here are our top picks.


Netflix is on top of the list for cord-cutters due to its high definition videos, low prices, and collection of Netflix originals, movies, and TV shows. Netflix has a broad collection of videos, which changes from time to time. Shows that are available today might not be available on Netflix the next day. It is hard to tell about the content available at any given moment. However, whatever is on Netflix is worth watching and adds extra value to your money.

Netflix has left behind all of the streaming services due to its original programming, ad-free streaming, offline downloads, and physical media option. Although it might pull out a few extra bucks from your wallet as compared to others, the price is worth paying, whether you want to binge-watch TV shows or enjoy weekends with blockbuster movies.

Netflix has raised its prices from time to time. The cheapest plan comes with a price of $8.99 per month, offering you full access to the content collection. The middle tier plan costs you $12.99 per month, which allows you to stream on two screens in high definition. The last plan, which is somewhat costly but suitable for large families and friends costing $15.99 per month. The highest tier allows you to watch movies and TV shows in 4K. If you are tired of paying cable bills, Netflix is a great choice that won’t disappoint you.

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Disney is known for almost a century for producing evergreen cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Duck Tales, Timon and Pumba, Winnie the Pooh, and many more. The millennials would remember watching these cartoons and they still entertain us after several years. Disney has stepped into the streaming service industry as well. The popular streaming service allows you to watch films and original shows from Disney’s catalog. Frozen, Owl House, and Once Upon a Time are a few popular shows you can watch anytime to kill the boredom. Disney is ruling the entertainment industry so subscribe to Disney+ and enjoy watching National Geographic, Marvel, and Star Wars. Check out everything Disney has to offer with a free seven-day trial.


If you are low on budget, Hulu is the ultimate alternative to cord-cutting. Starting at $5.99 per month, you will be offered with loads of content including thousands of movies and TV shows. Plus your kids will also have plenty of content to watch from without any age restriction.

Hulu is one of the best alternatives to cord-cutting that is free of any equipment charges, installation appointments, and hidden fees. You can also switch plans or cancel anytime with 30 days free trial. If you upgrade to the Hulu premium plan, you will get 7 days free trial along with a live TV guide, and up to 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage.

Subscribing to the Hulu premium plan can also offer you live TV channels that most of the streaming services don’t offer. If you want to stay within budget during the lockdown and need access to content to keep you busy, make sure to subscribe to Hulu right now.

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Amazon Prime Video

When the word Amazon strikes our ears, we just can’t imagine anything besides shopping. But Amazon offers you more than just shopping. It has a reputed name in the world of online streaming. If you subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you will get access to a huge collection of Amazon original series along with movies and TV series. For frequent shoppers, they can also enjoy free shipping when ordering anything from the store.

For merely $13 per month, you can enjoy shopping with free shipping. And for an annual membership, the cost comes down to $9.91 per month which accumulates to $119 per year. Amazon Prime Video might not have what you want. To avoid such a situation, you can simply rent or buy a digital download. However, rental access may expire after the given period. Amazon Prime Video has plenty of stuff for kids with movies and TV for free.

Apple TV

If Hulu has not gained your attention for its low priced streaming services, then Apple TV has got you covered. The giant tech company has already attracted millions of people to its products like the MacBook, iPod, and iPhone. However, they haven’t settled yet and dived straight into offering streaming services to millions of people.

Apple TV has given a tough time to Amazon Prime Video and Netflix with its original shows, movies, and much more. For $5 per month, Apple has got you covered with some of the best blockbusters and TV series you can binge-watch during the lockdown. If you purchase an Apple device, you will be able to stream shows and movies for a whole year without paying a penny. If you are thinking of buying Apple’s new gadget, just brace yourself for the streaming services.

Summing Up

Streaming services have gripped the world with loads of entertainment and never-ending content. The aforementioned are a few options that would help you stay busy and entertained without breaking the bank. For frequent movers, streaming service is the best option to go for. Watch anytime, anywhere, and on any device to hook yourself to the entertainment.

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