What is a Botnet Attack?

Botnet Attack

A botnet (also derived from bot network) is a group of malicious computers and devices operated by a single actor. These computers are used to carry out sophisticated attacks on networks, obtain sensitive information and conduct online crime. Botnets often coordinate their attacks with other malware or attack systems in order to achieve the highest degree of success.

These botnets usually comprise hundreds of computers that are infected with malware that are spread over the Internet. In most cases, attackers create fake user accounts and then activate them to start spreading the malware. The malware spreads through various types of communication tools such as email attachments, chat rooms and websites. These malware programs are some of the most potent threats that hackers can use against network infrastructure.

Botnets are one of the most dangerous malware because they are capable of executing remote codes which execute malicious attacks and can consequently cause massive damage to a business. Many businesses experience data loss, system crashes and the release of infectious programs through these infected devices. Hackers rely on using these devices for advanced remote control operations which allow them to delete or remove valuable data and systems from any computer. If you want to know what is a Botnet attack?

Many people think that Botnets are only associated with DDoS attacks and traffic flooding but these infections are considered widespread. A successful Botnet attack can have disastrous consequences for any business depending on the nature of the infrastructure and the security measures applied. Most cyber criminals rely on using the most sophisticated means to infect computers that connect to the internet. If an infection occurs at the point-of-sale, it could result in massive financial losses not only for the company but also to the community because of the huge amount of bandwidth dedicated to hosting websites.

To stop the advancement of these malware, businesses need to find effective ways of preventing the access of these infected devices on their networks. The first step is to get effective antivirus software installed in your computers. The most popular means of achieving this goal is by downloading and installing industry leading products such as AVG antivirus and McAfee anti-malware software. By protecting your computer from Botnets, cyber criminals will be unable to use them to obtain confidential information from your computers and to gain access to your personal data.

Apart from downloading antivirus software, businesses must also perform preventative measures. In order to stop the advancement of botnets, the best way is to implement the use of firewalls. Apart from blocking the access of infected devices on the network, firewalls will also prevent the flow of data that can result from malware infections. Therefore, it will be easier to identify which files may contain malware, which can be harmful for the company’s computers. Preventing the infection of the computers with malware such as botnets will help to protect your company from cyber threats, including what is a Botnet Attack.

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