Chatbots vs Mobile Apps

It is very unlikely that you haven’t heard or used any of the chatbots and digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, Facebook Bot or any such bot. The phenomenon of Chatbots transforming the mobile industry has already become common and widely discussed. Chatbots have already become the part and parcel of our digital and mobile experience. Chatbots now having the push of latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are more well-equipped and efficient than ever before. Chatbots being more intelligent are allowing us bigger scope of automation and machine-initiated interactions. 

Thus, slowly the mobile apps started to take the backstage as Chatbots are rising in importance. In a few years from now, these intelligent bots can really become our principal mode of connection with the web instead of the mobile apps. So, the question seems quite loaded and poignant: does the future belongs to the Chatbots? 

Let us try to explain this.  

The Reason Behind the Preference of Chatbots Over Mobile

Why exactly Chatbots are being preferred by experts over mobile apps? Do Chatbots have bigger promises in store than mobile apps? Well, we would like to answer these questions with detailed explanations. 

Users Prefer Instant Messaging Apps

If you remember well, instant messaging apps have made the Chatbots popular. As messaging apps are continuing to be popular with billions of users engaged with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, and few other popular apps, the future communication will look forward to chat communication. 

Chatbots allowing intelligent voice communication with prompt inputs from the web make the user experience across these messaging apps even more efficient, useful and interesting. Moreover, business brands by implementing Chatbots through these instant messaging apps can actually personify Machine communication while delivering more automated answers to customer queries with a dint of human tone and personality. 

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App Market is Saturating 

There is a limit to everything and so does the app market. Mobile users are already bored and exhausted with the apps. With every app niche presenting thousands of apps, most users only stick to a few hand-counted apps that they cannot do without while most of the apps just fail to make enough audience to survive as a business. 

Moreover, apps grab a considerable memory of mobile devices while one Chatbot just fetches every kind of information and responds to every command for accessing content, features, and functions. Naturally, instead of using a plethora of apps for various purposes, users now prefer commanding a Chatbot to get things done or to fetch content they require. 

Hyper-personalized experience 

Today’s Chatbots are increasingly getting more customer-centric and personalised thanks to intelligent technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These technologies allow Chatbots to learn about the customers on a continuous basis and cater information and services to the customers like store assistants in real-life stores. 

Intelligent Chatbots learn about the customer over time and with every single interaction. So, based on your communication, queries, preferences, user behaviour, purchase history, and several other aspects the Chatbot can answer your queries with relevant options that are most meaningful to your context. Such hyper-personalised customer experience couldn’t be possible without intelligent Chatbots. 

Wider Reach of Audience

Chatbots along with Messenger apps enjoy wider reach and extreme popularity that anytime soon can actually take over mobile apps. The huge success and phenomenal popularity of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, WeChat, etc have already made a big challenge to social media.

This popularity of instant messaging apps is closely being shared and reciprocated by Chatbot apps. Chatbots are making a bigger presence throughout instant Messenger apps for brand communication. 

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Chatbots Bringing Human Personality 

Mobile apps are still viewed as applications that can solve problems but not as something to talk to and get solutions instantly. Yes, simple voice command and voice interactions gave Chatbots a more human-like countenance and look and feel. 

Chatbots thanks to the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability can easily understand human speech along with intents embedded inside voice intonations and modulations. Such capabilities along with voice communication are giving Chatbots a human personality that users feel closer than impersonal applications. 

Simple and Speedier Way to Get Things Done 

A big selling point of Chatbot is that it is not required to be downloaded and installed. Chatbots come with the mobile OS system or with another Messenger app and you can just start using them instantly. For the same reason, Chatbots do not take any phone memory or doesn’t take a toll on the device processor. Chatbots come as a lightweight, low-footprint and handy solution to a variety of problems. 

Whether you need to book a movie ticket or need to know about the latest weather forecast, Chatbots can help you with every bit of information and get things done just by following your voice command. It offers the speediest and easiest way to get information and get tasks done without moving any of your limbs. You speak out and get the answers or get a task done instantly. It is so simple and convenient solution. 

Cost-Efficient Solution

Obviously building a feature-rich, well-designed mobile app and marketing it to success needs tons of investment now. Moreover, every app requires a continuous supply of money for support and maintenance. Altogether, small businesses and startups really find it challenging to enter into the mobile app arena with a competitive app. This is where Chatbots come as a lucrative and cost-efficient option. 

Building a Chatbot just requires the command over the corresponding technology and the output of the user input and behaviour analytics will continue to optimise Chatbots to interact with the user in the way that suits him. This involves a far lesser cost of development compared to mobile apps. Moreover, the businesses can always opt for a lot of ready to use Chatbot solutions in the market with the option to upgrade with advanced features in the future. 


Chatbots seem to possess more promises and possibilities than the mobile apps which already have become commonplace as tools. With Machine Learning and Artificial Technology getting sharper with every passing day, Chatbots can offer more advanced capabilities anytime soon. 

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